Finding and keeping a job using NDIS Employment Services

NDIS or the National Disability Employment Services can help with anyone’s career journey. Knowledge, skills, training, and real-time experience for job seekers are provided when you take part in the NDIS employment services.

Additionally, FAKJ, or Finding and Keeping a Job is another program for people with disability, young people, and school leavers to start their career journey.

The two types of WorkReady programs of NDIS employment services to assist the different career pathways of every individual include:

FAKJ (Finding and Keeping a Job) NDIS Employment Services

Any person with an NDIS plan and ages between 15 to 65 years old gains a job opportunity with the FAKJ NDIS employment services. The program helps you gain skills to get prepare and get ready for the workforce.

Finding work right off is not the pressure applied by the program. The program focuses on the preparation and training of skills to ensure landing the right job. The support system is also in place with the program to ensure that you find the right job and keep it for a long time.

SLES (School Leaver Employment Supports) NDIS Employment Services

The help you get from the SLES NDIS Employment Services program ensures that you learn, train, and job straight to the right job. Young people with disability or school leavers get a smoother employment transition with help from the SLES program.

Succeeding at work is almost guaranteed with the SLES NDIS program focused on helping you gain the needed experience, skills, and knowledge for your chosen career.


NDIS Employment Services’ Approach


People of all abilities and ages gain support, skills, knowledge, and experience crucial for their chosen career path with the FAKJ and SLES programs of NDIS.

The service is perfect for people wanting further education and motivated to start working. Getting promoted in your current job or ready to move jobs are areas that can be supported and helped by NDIS.

The various NDIS approaches to help you land the right job and keep it include:

Preparation and planning

Your career goals start with a meet-and-talk session with the NDIS team. Knowing more about your story helps the team to understand your interests and strengths. This personalised approach helps the team to create a tailor-made plan including:

  • Building communication and social skills
  • Planning your career path
  • Numeracy and budgeting skills
  • Travel training
  • Ways to market yourself
  • Creating a cover letter and resume
  • Confidence-building strategies
  • Behaviours and work ethics at the workplace
  • Interview and job-hunting skills
  • Career guidance and counselling

Hands-on work experience

The NDIS program provides hands-on work experience with industries matching your goals and interests. Access to the services of multiple employers provides you with countless opportunities to choose the right one.

The DES (Disability Employment Service) program of NDIS provides much-needed support in finding and keeping a job for people with disability. The support system continues even when you start working. This is to ensure that you will always have someone to talk things over when needed.

Help with Workers’ Compensation and other Insurance benefits

NDIS can work with any insurance company or Workers’ Compensation when you need help with getting the right compensation. This type of service is invaluable when you are ready to start working after getting injured.


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